East and West In Flux

East meets West is a popular thingamajig that happens in all¬†cultural avenues. Western remakes of Oldboy and Castlevania are some of the more recent happenings but in the audio field we have a new collaboration album. Doesn’t sound game related? But wait! It’s got game composers in it!

Overseen by Manami Matsumae of Mega Man fame, Marco Guardia and Brave Wave Productions, it features various game related composers and Tim McCord makes up the quota of Evanescence musicians. Many of these musicians err towards more classical, easy listening or electronic sounds but you’ll most likely have heard their work at some point or another. Akira Yamaoka of Silent hill, Jim Guthrie of Sworcery, Keiji Yamagishi of Ninja Gaiden and Lifeformed of Dustforce to name a few.

If you’d like yourself some music, then you can pick it up digitally on Bandcamp¬†already for $10 but as its Bandcamp, you can give it a listen without paying upfront if you’re the wary type. You’ll likely find something on the track-list that’ll put wind in your sails, as it’s a pretty upbeat set of tunes. If Bandcamp ain’t your thing then there is a limited set of physical copies that you can buy or visit iTunes where it costs $12 (that’s a whole $2 more than Bandcamp so maybe you should go and make a saving).


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Written by Sean P

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