Nintendon’t use product placement

The Miiverse is a boundless landscape of fun activities; ranging from the discussion of the games you love, fan art and even the Dafoeverse. However the Miiverse has it’s own dark side and therefore its own enforcement squad, which has had to strike down Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida with the moderators banhammer.

The cuddly titan (not in height but clout) of Sony was caught committing the worst of sins. Product Placement! Doodling a “I  *heart* PS!” on the Miiverse has broken the rules on product placement and earned him a trip to the sin bin. Even if only temporarily banned, we’re sure he’ll be up to his old tricks again in no time.

If you want to hear from the wonderful man himself, then you should totally follow @yosp for plenty of Playstation goings on as well as just to see his friendly face face crop up in your twitter feed.

Source: Nintendolife, Kotaku

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