Whatever makes you Appy (like winning a free console)

Appy Gamer is something you might remember us mentioning some time ago. If not, then we’ll forgive you but also offer you the opportunity to repent for your sins. For those of you not in the know, Appy Gamer gives you a feed of all the videogame news in one easily accessible play on your iOS or Android device(s) – and it’s just launched a new and improved iteration of itself. The short of it is, better personalised feeds and a new look.

It’s a rather useful tool to quickly sift through the news of multiple sites, ourselves included. You can also take out certain sites; so if there’s anywhere that rubs you up the wrong way or doesn’t need to be in your feed for whatever reason, then you can always switch them off to make sure they don’t contaminate it.

It’s all in-app content and optimised to be easily read on these handheld devices, making it great for checking stuff out on the go. You can even get it to download content at a particular time so that you have something to read when you are offline later on in the day.

As an added bonus they are also launching a sweepstake to celebrate its launch; giving you a chance to win an next gen console. Which apparently means either an Xbox One or PS4 (sorry Wii U). Either way, its a competition worth entering and the link is here if you want to mosey on over to try your luck.

The app is available on the Google Play Store and the iOS Store for the humble price of free.

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Written by Sean P

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