Gioteck foolishly announces stuff without guns or cars

What’s your favourite game of E3 2014 so far? Is it No Man’s Sky? It should probably be No Man’s Sky. Or is it perhaps, you know, that one that was shown/will soon be shown that will reinvigorate the genre/franchise? You know, the one where white American males shoot people with guns? Or the one with all the cars? Or the one with all the cars and the guns? Or Licensed Sports Game with more realistic bald spots on players’ heads? Or maybe Assassin’s Creed 25? Well while you’re trying to decide between all these radically different and entirely revolutionary titles, how about planning to buy a shiny new peripheral for your shiny new console? The fact that Gioteck’s community manager used to write for us has literally something to do with us reporting this.

HC-2 wired headset; RRP £29.99/$39.99

First up we have the HC-2 wired headset which, while “designed specifically for new-gen consoles”, will also be more than happy to work with your PS3, 360, Vita, Mac, PC, tablet or mobile. Apart from looking a bit sexy, it also has a flexible mic and a “deep cushioned”, adjustable headband. Being wired it’s simple plug-and-play, but bear in mind that you’ll need a Micro$oft headset adapter (not included) if you want to use it with an Xbox One; and for the PS4, it plugs into the joypad. Most importantly it has LED illumination, woo hoo!

HC-5 wireless headset; RRP £59.99/$99.95

For twice the price you’ll be able to get the HC-5, which looks to be pretty much the same headset but wireless. Charging via micro USB, the “New-gen Lithium Polymer battery” is promised to provide hours of use – but how many hours, we are not told. Also New-gen, apparently, is the RF dongle. “But,” we hear you cry, “does it have intuitive oversized control buttons on the headset cup? Because that would be the deal breaker for me.” Why, yes it does! And, of course, the LEDs are still present and correct.

RC-3 gaming chair; RRP £69.99/$79.99

Gioteck have also revealed a new gaming chair; the RC-3, to be precise. We apologise for the slightly misleading picture; it is not – repeat, not – a transformer. It does however Fold Away For Easy Storage; and we have to admit to being intrigued by “selectable dual incline angles for comfort”. It also sports built-in speakers, a few mesh pockets to store whatever random items you choose to bung in there that fit, easy access (you would hope) volume control, and – yes! – LED illumination underneath the seat. It’s said to be compatible with a multitude of machines, including smartphones. At last! You can play Flappy Bird in ear-melting stereo.

All three products currently stamp impatiently around a release window of ‘Autumn’, with specific dates to be announced when Gioteck feel like it.

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