European Influent-ce

Just on the off chance that you can’t remember what Influent is, take a gander at our review from earlier this year. We were quite impressed at what it had to offer and it was always promising that there was more to come, and now there is.

If you are German, French, Swedish or Russian you can now change the default UI language to those as well, which will make things far easier to navigate and process. But if you couldn’t read English already, then chances are you aren’t reading this… unless you are reading it through google translate. Yeah– we’ve sussed you out. On top of that bombshell…

By the end of the month you’ll also be able to take a swing at Italian, so if you practise hard you’ll be fluent as Aldo Raine. It will also bolster the total number of language packs to twelve, giving you many choices for holidays and other such things that involve talking to people in other languages.

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