Total Waaagh!

If you are a fan of Warhammer. then the title likely gave away what this is about. Creative Assembly, makers of the Total War series have had their Warhammer Total War game unofficially announced early by a single sentence in the upcoming The Art of Total War book; “… taking the series to a fantasy setting with Total War: Warhammer.”

We already knew that there was something in the works, as Sega and Creative Assembly announced that they were making a game set in the Warhammer universe back at the end of 2012. With it being prefixed with Total War, it’s more or less a dead cert for it being a Strategy title a la most of their catalogue but they have previously delved into more intimate battlefields with Spartan: Total Warrior and Viking: Battle for Asgard, and then most recently Alien: Isolation. They do generally make high quality games, so hopefully we will see something without the issues Rome 2 had at launch – and for a few months after. Still it would be nice to see a Total Warrior type game in the Warhammer Universe and with Relic also being under the Sega umbrella the framework from Spacemarine could be a good jumping point for it.

Another thing that should be noted is that there are rumours for some pretty game changing things going on in tabletop Warhammer as well. This could mean a great deal of things and most importantly that the armies may be more varied as each race consolidates into another faction. That does also depend on what exactly Creative Assembly have worked with Games Workshop to do with the game but it could mean parallels with tabletop or being able to provide a greater diversity of units that the miniatures can’t effectively provide any more thanks to production costs.

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