Life Is Strange devs hosting Reddit AMA (also, a new video to watch)

Remember that Life Is Strange developer diary we posted last week? That’s another one up there! Less gameplay footage in this one yet, somehow, still very interesting. It mostly focusses on discussing the time rewind mechanic employed by the main character Max. She will for example retain the memory of everything that happened prior to her rewinding time (which makes sense, as the player certainly will unless they suffer from some sort of exceptionally rare space-time temporal disruption disease). She can also nab something for her inventory, rewind time to before she took it… and still keep the item. Sneaky!

This is the second of three developer diaries, the releases of which are clearly being staggered in a carefully designed PR campaign building up to the game’s release next Friday. Another part of this campaign – and something that is actually a jolly good idea, and a thing you may want to get involved with – is that the developers will be hosting a Reddit AMA at a few days before release; namely Tuesday January 27th, from 14:00-16:00 UK time. If you’re not ‘hip’ with the ‘acronyms’ that the ‘kidz’ use nowadays, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. Watch the above video, and you may be able to spot the developer that we would like to ask “Do you ever brush your hair?”. There’s another chap who sticks out in our mind who’s bald with full-on facial hair (or ‘Upside Down Man’ as we call him at CG towers) that we would like to ask “Did you used to play bass for Queens Of The Stone Age?”.

But we imagine that the idea is probably to ask questions directly relating to Life Is Strange.

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