Rock Band 4 Summer 2015

Rock Band – one of the greatest games franchises of all time – is set to release on “current gen” consoles this summer, which includes both the XBox One and PS4 but not Wii U. It’s not an entirely unforeseen move, as surveys over past months seemed to probe people for what was important to them in a new version.

The important points to take away however, are mainly for those who had previous Rock Band content (sorry Wii Rock Band users, not you). DLC for 360 and PS3 users is supposed to be usable for both the XBox One and PS4 if and when the songs hit the new consoles. So if you have spent far more money than you should on Rock Band tracks, then your library should be safe. They are working to get previous iterations of the peripherals to work with the new console of the same platform (Microsoft and Sony), so if you have any old instruments (barring keyboards), they should hopefully work.

It’s not going to be one of many either, Rock Band 4 is the only current gen Rock Band that will be released. Instead, content will be provided in updates and DLC, rather than forking out the standard RRP of a new game every year or so. As Harmonix are partnering up with Mad Catz for distribution and a new set of instruments (which will have the same features as the old ones) they have slightly more leeway with what they produce than with EA or Viacom.

In the end it all means that we’re going to get the best possible Rock Band for years to come, which will be heavily iterated on with tweaks and enhancements, and we just can’t wait.

Source: and Kotaku UK

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