Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer features violence, no release date

As many suspected, that silly thing Square Enix were doing on Twitch was a drawn-out promo for a new Deus Ex game. Carrying the subtitle “Mankind Divided” under its metaphorical arm, the trailer is up there, above these words. Despite having PlayStation plastered over it (the trailer isn’t on the official Square Enix YouTube channel at time of writing for some daft reason), the game will be available on Xbox One and PC as well as PS4. No date has yet been announced, but it looks likely to be this year some time.

Surprisingly perhaps, Adam Jensen returns as the star by the looks of things. Fingers crossed the terrible, terrible boss design doesn’t follow him like a bad smell resulting from terrible wind. Note to Square Enix: the fiddling with the boss fights in the Wii U version of Human Revolution was good, but did not go far enough.

Still, there’s no such thing as a bad Deus Ex game (some of us really enjoyed Invisible War, shut up), and this reveal is hopefully good news. Predictably, the trailer features absolutely no gameplay whatsoever, but is at least representative of all the reasons fans love the Deus Ex series. The way Adam stealthily stabs a man in the leg very loudly after throwing his friend like a toddler in a tantrum hurling a teddy across the room, for example. Or the way one is set to ponder the inherent inequality in established Westernised capitalism as a building explodes. Or, indeed, how and why one might begin to lose one’s humanity as the physical form is yielded to mechanical wonders in the name of progress, because a man is pinned to a wall with a knife. Not to mention the question of the choices players make, and why they make them; such as the decision Adam makes to punch a man so hard he is sent crashing through a brick wall, for example.

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