Splinter Cell Blacklist CG and Gameplay E3 trailers

Splinter Cell Blacklist was officially unveiled at the Microsoft conference at E3 yesterday afternoon, with the official trailer cropping up later in the Ubisoft conference last night. You can find the CG trailer for the game above and over six minutes of gameplay footage below.

Things certainly look a lot more action orientated in these bits of footage, with Mr Fisher touring a sun drenched location filled with bad guys. When we say action orientated, we mean even more so than Conviction. It looks like an even further departure from Chaos Theory and the games that preceded it.

Conviction’s mark and execute system returns except this time Sam can run across the room as he headshots everyone within spitting distance. He also gets his knife back for those intimate takedowns of which he’s ever so fond.

Along with the singleplayer campaign, Ubisoft has confirmed that the popular co-op mode from Conviction will return as well as the hyper-popular spy versus mercs multiplayer mode first seen in Pandora Tomorrow.

From what we’ve seen so far it looks quite reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid 4, don’t you think? We look forward to seeing even more of Splinter Cell Blacklist in the months leading up to its spring 2013 release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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