Nintendo-published Sonic game heralds impending Apocalypse, looks promising

As you may very well be aware, a deal has been struck betwixt Sega and Nintendo to publish the next three Sonic games exclusively on Nintendo consoles. The above trailer, released to IGN yesterday, showcases the first in detail: Sonic Lost World (and damn, we’re aching to put a colon in that title).

As is well known amongst those of us old enough to remember the bitter rivalry betwixt (yes, that is our word of choice now) Nintendo and Sega hardware fans, a Nintendo-published Sonic game is the first sign of the impending return of our lord Jesus, and the epic battle of good versus evil that will destroy the world (check the book of Revelations, it’s in there hidden at the back). Here are some words that you can use in your own gaming-flavoured apocalypse jokes; Satan, EA, Activison, Microsoft, forces of evil, Bobby Kotick, Xbox One, all-seeing eye.

Anyway, this new Sonic game. There’s more than a dash of Mario Galaxy there, and – despite the typo in the video title –  it looks like it might turn out to be jolly good.

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