Blood Bowl: Star Coach scores Early Access

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Blood Bowl: Star Coach released today on Steam Early Access as a free to play game. Like the main games it’s being made by Cyanide Studios; and given their reputation is somewhat marred by the fact that their games give off more than a certain roughness, this one kind of emphasises that particularly well.

As mentioned before it is Early Access and it shows quite heavily. Having already played a few minutes of it, we can already say that it has the same depth and feel of, well…a Facebook game. After creating your team from one of the six factions (Skaven, Dwarves, Chaos, Wood Elves, Orcs and Humans), you can assign players to your team and set them against teams created by other players. Sounds like fun, but you have to wait until someone accepts your challenge before you see any results. You can have up to five challenges out at time and they seem to last for about two hours before they expire.

Recaps show off some footage of how the game played, watching the teams scoring or attempting to score from a few varied angles. It isn’t particularly polished yet, so it all looks pretty rough – but does the job. There are already some microtransactions ready to be implemented in a more or less agreeable way; it seems anything can be bought with currency earned in-game as well as paid for currency.

It’s got a long way to go still and servers are beginning to strain, possibly under the influx of new players brought in by the press releases that are cropping up. It might be just the right sort of Blood Bowl for anyone who doesn’t have the time to learn and set up either the miniatures or the various incarnations of the main games. Remember it is free, so why not give it a go by hitting the link here and taking the few short moments it takes to download this relatively tiny game.

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