Sherlock Holmes solves some Crimes and dishes out some Punishments (maybe)

Crimes & Punishments, the new Sherlock Holmes game from Frogwares hasn’t had all too much said about it. They had this tech demo a little while back (which looks mighty fine), showing off how the game will look using the Unreal Engine 3. Now you can also check out four *gasp* new screenshots, which as you can see are just as fantastic as the tech demo implies it will be.

While they are keen to say that we’ll get more details over E3 (which is oh so very close), they have unbuttoned their lips enough to let a few titbits trickle forth. The new engine has allowed the development of some new investigation mechanics, 14 being the total of old and new, but they’re keeping schtum on that until later. They have said that there are eight cases in total and that moral choices will play a part in some decision making.

What all these new features bring to the game, we have yet to see, but moral choices do set off alarm bells for many people, and rightly so. The Testament of Sherlock Holmes received mixed reviews but as it was the first game taking this new gameplay approach, hopefully Frogwares will have been able to address some of the criticisms from the first game.



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