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Animal Crossing: New Leaf is, like every other game in the series, full of undeniably surreal moments. Where else could you (for example) go to a talking raccoon for a mortgage, receive a full-size bed in an envelope, or shake a tree until a brand-new bedroom cabinet falls out of the branches? Well now, you can share these moments with your very own screenshots via the power of the interweb.

You may well know that New Leaf allows you to capture screenshots by tapping L and R together at pretty much any time, saved to your SD card for perusal at your leisure. What you may not have known is that you can then immediately (or later) post these pictures to Twitter, Facebook, or popular misspelled blogging network Tumblr – directly from your 3DS.

If in the middle of Animal Crossing simply hit the Home button to suspend your game, and open the internet browser. Toddle over to, sign in to the social network of your choice, and choose which picture to upload. Add a comment (being careful of your character count for Twitter, as Nintendo’s service annoyingly won’t tell you when you go over), hit the button, and huzzah! It’s done and you’re ready to resume your game, looking for more moments to capture and spam people’s timelines with.

No other games are currently confirmed to incorporate this feature, but there hopefully will be more. Let’s make this standard across all games and formats, please. Preferably without compulsory online check-ins…

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