Final Fantasy VII is out on the Steam store

Final Fantasy VII has hit Steam today. It comes with enhanced online features, which basically amounts to cloud saves and achievements, all of which are in the digital copy that Square released last year. Whether it’s your first time with the game or if you are a returning veteran, it’ll cost a sum of $11.99/£9.99, same cost as the Square store though.

There is also a character booster which allows you to up the stats of your character to maximum HP, MP and Gil. Handy if you want your game to be less about frustration and grinding, and more of the winning battles and progressing through the story.

You can head over to the Steam Store and pick it up now, if you don’t already have it in some form or another. Remember it has been on PSN for an age now, as well as the Square store, but it’d play pretty nicely on that Vita of yours, wouldn’t it?

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Written by Sean P

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