Alien Rage has a tranquil gameplay trailer

HA! Just kidding, it’s actually full of loud music, shooting aliens to death and then some explosions to top it off. If you don’t already know, Alien Rage is an FPS with Aliens in it, and you shoot the Aliens because what else would you do with them?

The trailer does say “over the top action” and “badass weapons” before showing over the top action and some weapons, we cannot confirm the status of “Badass” to any of these weapons yet. Still the “over the top” line gives hope that it knows what it is and hopefully doesn’t run into trying to be cool but not actually being it. Then again it does end calling itself a “Hardcore Sci-fi Shooter”.

Poking fun of the way it describes itself won’t get us anywhere though, the gist of the game seems to be “look at how we shoot the bad guys and make explosions”, which still tends to be pretty good in arcade shooters. They do seem to have a mech suit as well and those are fun, but we’ll be treated to a longer demo during Gamescom.

Source: @lifelower

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