Dragon Commander players are nasty pieces of work

Dragon Commander isn’t all about commanding dragons, you know. Yes, there’s the matter of commanding various other units and playing dirty to win battles at any cost, but there are also in-game politics. Larian Studios have released a video airing the dirty laundry of the collective decisions; and the results are disturbingly realistic.

For example, Dragon Commander players are split right down the middle when it comes to torture – 50% ban it, while 50% say that’s a jolly good idea. Surprisingly perhaps, then, 75% of players decided to approve government funded healthcare. That means half the people who support torture also approved this; presumably so they can heal torture survivors to ensure they stay conscious for a second round.

In case you were starting to suspect that half the Dragon Commander community are okay sort of people, we’d like to point out that 63% oppose unions. Not that the citizens of Dragon Commander’s world would be likely to find this out – 70% of virtual emperors gleefully crushed freedom of the press. Another interesting note is that while a majority decided not to ban violent games and literature, that majority isn’t as large as you might expect; just 58%.

All these statistics and more can be found in the video above. Should you wish to join in so you can lift the moral plane (or drag it down further), you’ll be pleased to hear that Dragon Commander is currently enjoying a 40% discount at both Steam and GOG. A major patch has also been released this week, tweaking the experience further. Unfortunately, said patch does not reach into the twisted minds of the community and make them better people.

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Written by Luke K

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