Get a bundle of soundtracks to world-famous horror games for a disgustingly low price

We don’t leave marrows with faces carved in them outside the house in November (ordinarily), so why do we leave pumpkins violated in such a manner outside the house in October? In fact, where the hell are all the pumpkins the rest of the year? How, when, and why did Halloween become all about encouraging obesity in children? Who thought a four player Silent Hill top-down shooter was a good idea?? All questions worth pondering; and what better way to ponder them than in October, at home alone, in the dark, whilst listening to the soundtracks from some of the 21st century’s finest horror games?

Head to and for just one dollar – less than a single fine British pound – you can forever own digital versions of the soundtracks to both Amnesia games, the original Dead Space, Limbo, and Bloodrayne: Betrayal. Bloody hell, in every sense of the phrase. But that, of course, is not all. Pay ten dollars and you’ll get nine more soundtracks on top, including the superb Silent Hill: Shattered Memories score by Akira Yamaoka, the Plants vs Zombies soundtrack by the ludicrously talented Laura Shigihara, and the Alice: Madness Returns soundtrack (including contributions from Nine Inch Nails drummer Chris Vrenna).

It wouldn’t be a digital bundle without some sort of ‘beat the average’ hook, and the one here is particularly interesting. You only have a little under two weeks left to take advantage of this offer. Once the time’s up, the ten most generous patrons will be rewarded with physical gifts. The person to have shelled out the most, for example, will receive a physical special edition of Limbo and a physical, signed copy of the Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs score. At time of writing you’ll need to pay over $28 to break into the top ten, and the number one spot is taken by somebody who’s paid a whopping $120. What are you waiting for? We know a hell of a deal when we see one.

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Written by Luke K

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