War for the Overworld starts on the high street next year

Funded via “hasn’t the games press bloody shut up about that yet” crowdfunder extraordinare Kickstarter last year, War for the Overworld is a fully funded and very-much-going-to-happen thing described as a “dungeon management game”. Dungeon Keeper is happily cited as an influence as are Evil Genius, Overlord, and Starcraft. It’s an ambitious title if nothing else.

Subterranean Games have now announced that their new game will have a little more security beyond having enough money to actually get finished. As well as being a digital download, they have today announced that there will be a physical release (again PC only) available on the same day, some time in Q1 2015. This ‘Underlord Edition’ will include the soundtrack, a digital art book, two additional dungeon themes(?) and, of course, the game itself. War for the Overworld’s presence in the physical realm will be facilitated by the much-loved (if inappropriately named) Sold Out.

As seems to be the law of the internet for indie PC games nowadays, if you pre-order either version then you can start playing the ‘Early Access’ version now. If you opt to do the honourable thing and buy direct from the developers, you’ll get a Steam key right now and a DRM-free download once the thing’s finished. Wherever you decide to buy from, this page would be your best starting point.

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