Rayman’s latest enemy is AIDS

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Rayman may look armless (ha ha! That joke is always funny!) but he’s fought and defeated many a bizarre foe over the years. Cute things, spiky things, flying things, scary things, big things, small things, swimming things, noisy things, quiet things, and, er, lots of other things. Right now until December the seventh, however, he’s fighting a new foe entirely; AIDS, and its dastardly compadres Tuberculosis and Malaria.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the alcohol was flowing a little too freely at the latest Ubisoft executive party, and a drunken, vomit-stained deal was made with Edmund McMillen, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone for an entirely unpredictable new entry in the Rayman series. But no! It is in fact a slight rebranding of an existing title, and something that it’s impossible to criticise, no matter how much of a bashing Ubisoft have (quite rightly) had on social media and in forums lately.

Return to – or indeed, buy for the first time – Rayman Fiesta Run any time between right now and the end of December seventh 2014, and you’ll find that the latest update has rebranded it (Rayman Fiesta Run) RED. Not only has this made the eponymous colour rather prominent, including reskinning of Lums and characters, 100% of monies that the game generates during this time will be going to The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. At just £1.99 (or $2.99 for you US folks), it’s quite literally a small price to pay for a Rayman title. And none of it will be going to Ubisoft, if that makes you feel like you’ve scored some kind of victory for some reason. Heck, these few weeks even provide a good reason to seriously consider the IAPs.

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