Shadowrun Chronicles – Armoured Spiritual Mega Bears

We enjoyed Shadowrun Chronicles, and now the first piece of endgame content comes slotting into place, as well as a few bug fixes and balance changes. The new, replayable Endgame mission brings a fair few pieces of gear that can’t be found elsewhere, including pets; though you have to survive the tough as nails challenges to be in with a chance at getting any of them.

Armoured Spiritual Mega Bears – not their actual names but they are huge – are one of the things that are thrown at you in an attempt to stop you from gaining these goodies. It’s tough from what we can tell from the very quick defeat we suffered almost immediately due to the aforementioned bears.

On the balance side of things, critical damage bonuses have been nerfed considerably alongside the trick of taking two identical weapons that keep separate cooldowns for skills. These changes are likely for the better, not only because it blunts the Crit Damage builds’ rather safe and almost exploitative playstyle (which admittedly is what we used to get through the campaign and we likely wouldn’t have beaten the ridiculous end boss without it) but also because it make other builds more viable by comparison.

This marks the first free content update that was promised by Cliffhanger, and they’ve began to make good on that promise. What the future holds and whether it adds something more substantial we have yet to see.

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