Blacklight: Tango Down trailer

In a world where we are literally being spoiled for choice by first person shooters claiming to offer an intense multiplayer experience, Ignition Entertainment is now wading in to the bullet riddled mosh pit with a trailer for Blacklight: Tango Down.

It looks as if the plan of action is to deliver a near future FPS that will offer triple A quality gameplay in an exclusively downloadable package on Xbox Live, PSN and PC.

“We’re excited to be working on a gripping new franchise that will deliver the intense action, thoughtful tactics and in-depth strategies of today’s best multiplayer shooters immersed in an all new universe that gamers will really sink their teeth into,” said Ajay Chadha, Head of Worldwide Publishing, Ignition Entertainment.

“Blacklight: Tango Down is set to change the way gamers view the possibilities of downloadable content because it will offer shooter fans the top quality, deep content and exciting experience that they are used to finding in a retail product but in a downloadable package.”

The trailer doesn’t seem to give much away other than treating us to a glimpse of a rather dystopian looking city filled with men wearing full face masks who are probably ready to punch holes in each other with bullets.

‘Incredibly deep’ customisation will apparently play a big part in the game, letting you not only choose what your character looks like, but also play around with add-ons for weapons that are unlocked through gaining XP.

Ignition Entertainment are being tight lipped on what game modes will be on offer other than the comfortingly familiar deathmatch, team deathmatch and control point modes, but more are planned to be announced closer to launch.

Can it thrive in an already highly competitive genre? I guess we’ll have to wait until it is released this summer to find out.

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