FirstPlay: the verdict

Due to technical problems with code redemption and work commitments, we haven’t been able to bring you our views on the FirstPlay launch till now, so apologies for that. We were impressed by the beta however, and the first ‘proper’ episode of Future’s interactive magazine hit the UK PSN yesterday. How did it turn out?

Very well, as it happens. The initially unskippable, slightly out of date ads return (including one with unflattering footage of Just Cause 2 at the beginning), but there seem to be less of them. Also returning, we’re pleased to say, is the sharp and funny scripting of the commentary that runs over the reviews, previews, and everything else.

Episode 001 of FirstPlay gets things off to a very good start, with a quick roundup of some of the team’s favourite LittleBigPlanet levels and a most amusing review of God of War III, amongst several other features. We must say that FirstPlay crashed on us at the end of the FIFA World Cup preview; but perhaps we’ll prove to be in the minority. To sweeten the deal further, the first episode comes packaged with an exclusive parachute for Just Cause 2, and a FirstPlay theme for your XMB.

All in all it’s a very impressive, professional package and at 99p for a single episode (or £8.99 for a three month subscription), you have very little to lose by giving it a go.

But of course, you’ll want to check everything they say against the mighty Critical Gamer wherever possible.

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Written by Luke K

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