Heroes & Generals Enters Closed Beta

Reto-Moto is nothing if not ambitious, and now it’s your turn to find that firsthand. Heroes & Generals, their multiplayer shooter/strategy hybrid that runs on browsers and sweaty ambition, is officially entering closed beta. Our preview of the pre-beta revealed a promising rainbow of ideas still in development, and Reto-Moto has been stressing the importance of community feedback to bring these rough possibilities to fruition. You have opinions, right? And you like videogames, correct? If so, you’re supremely qualified for the task. Good on you.

Anyone can apply for a beta key at the Heroes & Generals website, so if you felt even the slightest tinge of jealousy from our in-depth look at the game, now is your chance to experience that dizzying sense of superiority. The real-time war is constantly evolving as the game gets polished up, which makes communication between players and developers vital and positively encouraged. The closed beta is Reto-Moto’s next step to unleashing their potential lightning in a bottle and we will continue to watch with baited breath as the story unfolds.

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Written by Stephen K

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