Bungie/Activision deal doesn’t rule out further Halo games

Taking a closer look at the fine-print of the deal between Activision and Bungie announced earlier today, trade site MCV comes to the conclusion that this doesn’t necessarily mean an end to Bungie and Microsoft collaborations or indeed further Halo titles.

MCV note that the deal between Bungie and Activision only pertains to a single new IP and the exclusivity will be limited to that IP.

This means that Bungie could potentially continue to work with Microsoft on further titles in the Halo series as Microsoft themselves own the rights for it.

Bungie are still an independent Developer however, so if they wish to work on other new IPs or return to old favourites, today’s deal with Activision will not stop them from doing so. Either way we’ll keep you up to date with announcements on the details of Bungie’s new property as and when they appear.

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