Modern Warfare 3 gameplay trailer explodes across the world

Grab your Modern Warfare 2 special edition night vision goggles and stalk around your dimly lit living room in excitement, because Modern Warfare 3 gameplay footage has broken from cover and can be seen above.

Urban combat seems to be at the centre of the third outing for this sub series of the Call of Duty games, with the trailer taking us on an explosive tour of France, Germany, America and England. From the brief flashes of action we can see a lot of hectic fighting, including staple elements of the Modern Warfare games so far, such as helicopter crashes and repelling down things.

New York gets bombarded by a submarine, a van is shot to bits in London, a man gets blown up in Paris and a tank shows up in Germany. It looks like the world has become an even less happy place to be. A train derailment, subterranean SCUBA diving experience and speed boat chase also suggest the set pieces the series has been inching towards with all the enthusiasm of a rabid dog chasing sausages will make a dominant return.

As a final reminder that this game will be taking a tour of chaos on a global scale, the M in the MW3 logo starts off inverted to read WW3.

It’s going to be another tense battle this year between EA and Activision, who are both gunning for the end of the year crown for best modern military shooter. We’ve seen footage of both now. Who do you want to win?

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Written by Anthony H

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