Nintendo by the numbers, 3DS the solution?

  The launch of Nintendo’s fifth iteration of Nintendo DS consoles, 3DS, promises 3D viewing without glasses as the future of Nintendo, says one analyst via the Associated Press.

What reports are calling the “worst” and the “rocked by,” Nintendo’s recent profit plunge scrolled across major news wires and television tickers with great prominence yesterday.

Nintendo, which does not break down quarterly numbers, said annual sales slipped 22 percent. Nintendo expects relative tough times to continue. They expect a sales drop through March of 2011.

At that point, analysts all around find the promise of the announced Nintendo 3DS to be a game changer.

Nintendo, confident as always; suspects 3D gaming without the necessity of glasses, and the backward compatibility with the current DS/DSi software, to be their silver lining of 2011.

Nintendo admits the rebound, this time, will be slower than usual. A fall of roughly 2.5 percent through the initial sales period of the new hand-held is expected.

As usual, Nintendo dismissed the idea that this major upgrade in hand-held play has any competition from the iPad. Nintendo is confident and proven in handling the game business, no matter new Apple fads. The 3DS could very well eat into PSP Go sales, yet Sony remains unmoved.

The launch of the 3DS “could largely determine for many investors whether Nintendo just got lucky in the last cycle or really has turned itself into a much more profitable company.”

Via the Associated Press

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