More Sega classics set for 21st century sequels?

As soon as Sonic 4 – the ‘proper’ Sonic sequel fans were crying out for for years – was announced, the internet was ablaze with electronic cheers and rumours. It now seems that perhaps more Sega classics will be getting ‘proper’ modern sequels. This has been hinted at not by the Sega teaboy whilst tipsy down the pub, but Sega America’s vice – president of sales and marketing, Alan Pritchard.

In the latest issue of industry weekly MCV, Pritchard is quizzed mainly on the issues of digital distribution and, of course, the recent Sega restructuring. While touching on the subject of Sonic 4 however, Pritchard reveals:

There are a number of digital releases that we have slated for the next 12 to 18 months, most of which haven’t been announced yet. As you can imagine, there’s a world of old Sega IP that we can bring to market.”

While he stops short of declaring new sequels to Sega classics are on the way, it seems clear that this is what we can expect. More interestingly however, he talks of ‘digital releases’, and does so in the context of Sonic 4’s release. Does this mean that upcoming sequels and remakes will, like the new Sonic, be in 2D and stick to the spirit of the originals?

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Written by Luke K

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  1. sh0ck76 /

    we’res herzog zwei?????

  2. I hope they do something with Streets of Rage, oh boy how great would that be?

  3. Krazyface /

    I’m looking for an HD remake/new Echo the Dolphin in 2-D. A new/re-made Streets of Rage would be cool too.

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