The winners of our Lead and Gold Steam giveaway are…

Two things became clear as a result of our Lead and Gold Steam code giveaway. Firstly, we have readers from all over the world; and secondly, about one third of them are called ‘John’ or ‘Jon’. The winners are:

  • Hasan (AKA Dick Spurs), Ajman, UAE
  • Peter (AKA The Punisher) NRW, Germany
  • John (AKA JohnGunEyed), Norfolk, UK
  • John Dill (AKA John McFly), NSW, Australia
  • John Cleveland (AKA Dead Head Jed), Maryland, USA
  • Jon Hernandez (AKA Revolver Marston), ON, Canada
  • Benito Zamora (AKA Cow Pen Ben), Las Vegas, USA
  • Anthony (AKA Anthony ‘Teh Killer’L.), Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands
  • Martijn Minnaert (AKA Vladimir ‘Swifty Hands’ Steele The Forth), Assenede, Belgium
  • Ng (AKA Gunshot Steamer), Singapore

No extra prize save a big Christmas sack of kudos for the best cowboy name to:

  • Joseph Arvin (AKA Woody Hopalong McSneezerjack), Toronto, Canada

Congratulations, and enjoy your rootin’ and, indeed, your tootin’ also in Lead and Gold! Hmm, looking at that list, maybe next time we’ll demand everybody gives their surnames too….

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Written by Luke K

Luke plays lots of videogames, now and again stopping to write about them. He's the editor in chief at Critical Gamer, which fools him into thinking his life has some kind of value. Chances are, if you pick up a copy of the latest Official PlayStation Magazine or GamesMaster, you'll find something he's written in there. Luke doesn't have a short temper. If you suggest otherwise, he will punch you in the face.

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