Zombies march on Houses of Parliament

Keep the 30th of August free in your diaries this year, as C.U.R.E. – the Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality – will be gathering the zombie masses outside the UK’s Houses of Parliament.

Endorsed by Capcom, makers of zombie game Dead Rising, C.U.R.E. and its supporters will be highlighting the plight of the undead in Old Palace Yard as their campaign for equal rights gathers pace. During the general election, C.U.R.E. fielded four candidates, all of whom failed to get into power through arcane laws that forbid those not alive from entering into politics in the UK.

What they intend to do is bring the government’s attention to the inequality suffered by the undead throughout Britain. They are calling for the living’s right to marry the undead, an increase in the minimum statutory retirement age to beyond the grave and for graveyards to up their game and make unliving conditions better for their inhabitants.

Those interested in supporting this worthy campaign are invited to attend the event, but all interested parties must first register their interest via email: votecure@googlemail.com, after which details will be sent via email. All who do attend will be gifted a limited edition T-shirt, with the best dressed zombie scooping themselves a brand new, neither alive nor dead, console.

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