Assassin’s Creed II – Dev diary number six

As Assassin’s Creed II vaults over rooftops, bounding towards its November 20 release date, the sixth developer diary has emerged giving us some nice new information.

To start off with we are given a glimpse of the new Animus which looks to be a bit more user friendly this time around as well as acting as a database which can give you helpful information at key moments in the game.

Information about Ezio’s villa is also talked about which makes it sound like a very interesting game mechanic as well as a central hub. When the player initially finds it, the place is in ruins, but over the course of the game you have the opportunity to upgrade and repair it.

The nicer it is, the more people will live in the village area attached to it which generates you more money which can then presumably be spent on more villa upgrades and equipment.

The villa will also act as an inventory for the player, allowing them to store all of their items, such as weapons, that can then be accessed later.

With the release of this game getting closer and closer we really can not wait for the end of the results which the developers are claiming is going to blow us away. Let’s hope they are right.

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Written by Anthony H

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