Abstergo Industries teaser website

The aroma of mystery is seeping out of the internet pipes today, with the interesting reveal of the Abstergo Industries teaser website, probably our first insight into Assassins’ Creed: Brotherhood.

Beginning the tease we get a short video giving a brief tour of a very familiar looking lab, with the screen briefly flashing up multiple Animus machines lined in a row, before eventually settling on one.

After this a selection of weapons appear including a fan, syringe, dagger, claw and axe which you are able to scroll through and read about. There is also a puzzle you can solve to get a look at another stabbing instrument.

Nothing concrete can really be deciphered from this apart from the likelihood of some slightly more exotic weapons being included. Not many games let you kill people with a decorative fan.

The line of Animus machines is probably a nudge towards the multiplayer focus of Brotherhood, possibly letting you and several others hook into the brain machine and investigate each other’s heritage by slashing throats until you can hear a gurgling noise.

If you want to have a look for yourself, you can see the Abstergo Industries website here.

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