THQ to sell codes for online play

You are doubtless already aware that soon, any time you buy a FIFA game – or any other EA Sports title – secondhand, you’ll have to pay a tenner to access online play if the previous owner already used the access code. Now, reports that another publisher has taken up this business model – THQ.

UFC Undisputed 2010, which hits UK retail Friday May 28th, will be the first THQ game to feature this model. Brand new copies of the game will include a code valid for one use only, which will allow access to the online features of the game. US consumers who buy the game secondhand will be able to buy a code for $5; THQ have said that UK/European pricing should be announced any time now.

Publishers have tried several methods to combat piracy and the secondhand market, neither of which provide them with any revenue. This is the latest and, in terms of producing a small amount of profit for the publisher if nothing else, may prove to be the most successful. It does at least hint at a benefit for the consumer. Maybe – just maybe – this move will encourage GAME to make the difference between a new and secondhand copy of the same game more than £2…

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