Arc the Lad II out on US PSN store today

JRPG and PSone classic Arc the Lad II is set to be released on the US PSN store today, along with an expansion for the game titled Arc Arena: Monster Tournament.

The original game was released in 1996 in Japan on Sony’s grey war horse and only made it stateside in 2002 when it was part of a collection. MonkeyPaw Games is determined to bring classic eastern gems to the western market to help us not miss out on overlooked treasures.

Arc the Lad II is a tactical role-playing game, received by critics as the best in the series and was originally developed by G-Craft. Arc Arena lets players pit the creatures that they catch in Arc the Lad II against other people’s in tournament style play.

There is still no word on a UK PSN release, but we’ve left an email with the right people to chase up an answer for you.

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