New Yakuza 4 trailer and demo announcement

Bullets, explosions, blood and firearms dominate the opening seconds of the latest Yakuza 4 trailer, which then takes a funny turn and appears to become a pervy Japanese dating sim.

The video above has a very keen focus on the ladies of the game and the things you can do to woo them as well as the results. You can chat them up and take them out for various activities, with staring at their virtual jubblies being another major feature advertised.

Apparently it’s all part of having a prosperous career in the Yakuza. It sounds better than nine ‘til five sitting behind a desk that’s for sure. Although we’re not too fond of being found dead through unfortunate business decisions with unreasonable people.

Get an early taste of the experience with the demo heading to PlayStation Plus subscribers on February 16, and the rest of PSN on the 23. Expect to see this PlayStation 3 exclusive title hitting shelves on March 18.

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Written by Anthony H

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