Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand Wake Island trailer

To mark today’s release of Back to Karkand on PlayStation 3, EA has released a new trailer that showcases the Wake Island map.

Originally part of the map rotation in Battlefield 1942, the map has appeared in most subsequent games in the series and was even resurrected in a mod for Battlefield Vietnam. Its Frostbite 2 makeover has packed the horseshoe shaped island with all of the things that make Battlefield 3 exciting.

As is the trend with the Back to Karkand trailers, things get quite explosive during the carnage filled tour of the new island map. People get shot, jets strafe runways with machine gun fire and helicopters chase boats menacingly. As with every other glimpse of the DLC so far, it looks stunning.

PC and Xbox 360 players have to wait another week before they can play Back to Karkand on December 13. The new content is free for Limited Edition versions of the game, whereas everyone else must pay 1200 Microsoft Points or $15 for the new maps and toys.

Last week, EA released a similar gameplay trailer for the Gulf of Oman map. You can check it out here.

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