Catherine gets (slightly) more specific PAL release date


Catherine is a quirky and unique game (dating sim/horror/platform puzzler/morality test) that’s garnered almost universally glowing reviews. Reviews that were all written months ago now, because this is a title which was released in America and Japan earlier this year; while those of us living in PAL territories have had no choice but to sulk (or import). While it was announced a while ago that Deep Silver would be publishing the game for its Atlus PALs (see what we did there?), a date was set and then wiped from the radar. Boo.

Now however, we’ve been given the almost-specific release date of “February 2012”. It’s a great looking game with a branching storyline, but the fact that it’s difficult to pin it down to a genre – one minute you’ll be clambering a block puzzle tower, the next you’ll be reading and replying to text messages on your mobile – may put people off. Other territories had a playable demo to try out however, and hopefully we’ll get the same opportunity to try before we buy. While we’ve been promised a “flip cover” for the packaging, there’s currently no word on if PAL gamers will see the superduper edition which included, amongst other things, heart-laden boxer shorts as worn by the main character.

Yes, really.

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