Second Sniper Elite V2 Twitter Q&A summary

Yesterday saw the second Twitter Q&A for Sniper Elite V2, with Rebellion developers Steve Hart and Andy Haith presumably sharing a Twitter screen to answer fan questions. You can find our coverage of the first Q&A session here. The whole thing kicked off with the announcement that the console single player demo will be available next week on April 10, with a PC release to follow shortly after. Below you can find more information fan questions managed to draw out of the duo, presented here in a clean, easy to read and completely soulless list:

  • Game length on the hardest difficulty depends on your gameplay style, but “the game rewards careful considered play.”
  • They’re looking into an anti-cheat system – “it’s a priority for the team”.
  • PC demo will feature all options available in full game, including field of vision and mouse smoothing settings.
  • There will be 41 trophies and achievements.
  • Soundtrack features an updated main theme tune, with the rest being original tracks.
  • Hardest difficulty setting will feature no HUD aids at all.
  • Land mines and trip wires cannot be picked up after being placed.
  • Health regenerates with the hide and cover regeneration mechanic. No med kits to mess about with.
  • Combat is unavoidable on a few occasions, although you can stealth through the majority of levels.
  • No levelling system to unlock new kit, but stat tracking will be supported by online leader boards.
  • Co-op mode is exclusively online with no split-screen support.
  • Different weapons and kit can be selected prior to each mission.
  • Realism factors to keep in mind when sniping include: wind, distance, bullet drop, muzzle velocity, heart rate and posture.
  • Game is set in May 1945.
  • Game will be supported after its release with the possibility of DLC.
  • Multiple ways to work through missions and complete objectives.
  • Sniper Elite V2 has been in development for two years.
  • PC version will support gamepads, including the Xbox 360 controller.

Any mention of multiplayer details other than the confirmed co-op mode was parried with a very teasing; “We have a big announcement coming next week”. We’d be willing to bet the tea boy’s left arm on there being some unannounced multiplayer content still to come.

Sniper Elite V2 will be peering out of retailers next month on May 4 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. You can find more information about the game on the recently launched Sniper Elite V2 forums here.

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