Dave Gibbons and Charles Cecil to reunite for a brand new game


He’s very human, and there’s only one of him. But his name IS Dave.

Thank you lord.

Pop over to Eurogamer, and you’ll find extensive quotage from Dave Gibbons (legendary comic artist & writer perhaps best known for his work on Watchmen) revealing that he’s planning to soon get to work with Charles Cecil – and, of course, Cecil’s company Revolution Software – on a new point and click (maybe) adventure game. Gibbons provided the graphical makeover for the ‘director’s cut’ Broken Sword rerelease and, back in the olden days, he was a major player in the development of Beneath A Steel Sky. The best description for that game can be reached by rearranging the following words: ‘awesome totally’.

“It’s going to be something that combines a lot of the things I’m perhaps best known for, which are a design sense and a sense of symbolism and maybe an obsessive attention to background detail.

“If you’re asking, will it look like a Dave Gibbons game, yes it will look like a Dave Gibbons game.” said Dave Gibbons. “With the new game I’m going to be involved from the ground up. I have had story input and the whole thing will have my imprint on it. […] Charles and I have been talking for a while about doing an original game. We’ve got a really good idea. He’s been very busy doing these very successful reboots of Broken Sword. I don’t know but I think there might even be another one of those on the way. And I’m busy at the moment working with Mark Miller on Secret Service. But when our works there are finished, something we really want to do is get back together. With ideas if you talk about them too early you kill them, you let the air out of the balloon. You say with Batman, I’ve got this great idea for this character called Batman. Oh yeah? What happens? This kid’s parents get killed and then he decides to fight crime. People go, oh. Really? Or even with Watchmen: you go, it’s these old superheroes who’ve all retired and one of them gets murdered. It’s sort of intriguing…”

The good news is the finish line for Secret Service must surely be in sight, as they’ve already started publishing the series. Now Cecil, Gibbons, if you’re reading; hurry up and make this game!!

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