Nintendo, Sony close week sour

 Currency fluctuations, American and European debt, and a shaking Wall Street landed squarely on the Asian market’s head, Japan experiencing a 6-week slump. Asian stocks dropped sharply at week’s close with poor company forecasts and a nuke-cloud of Western debt slowing global recovery.

Financial strategists Yutaka Miura said Japanese investors were “selling across the board” and acting “jittery.” Seems Obama’s recent State of Union speech did little to ease investor’s anxieties (read story here).

Sony was down 2.4 percent at Friday’s close.

More shaking, Nintendo was down 3.9 percent on the back of falling profits and a strong yen hitting exports.

With the same money flux cycle repeating itself, this report shows an alarming direction; the road less travelled.

 via Arab Times

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Written by Les T

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