Like a Batman out of Hell

The PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight was so bad, that Warner Brothers stopped it being available for purchase on Steam. So riddled full of issues, coupled with the fact Steam refunds had just come into play, Warner were practically forced into doing it by the voice of consumers and critics alike, and rightly so. Now, after months of toil on the PC version, it has come out of purgatory after having been patched numerous times since its initial release and now sits at a reduced price with some added bonuses.

These bonuses are timed unfortunately, but if you have either already gotten Batman: Arkham Knight for PC on Steam or get it before the end of November 16th 2015 PDT then you can get two things. Number One: THE WHOLE ARKHAM SERIES ON PC. Yes, all of it, so: Arkham Asylum, City, Origins and Origins Blackgate. So, yeah that’s a pretty good deal if you don’t already have them. Number Two: Some Genuine TF2 Batman themed items. Not in itself particularly interesting but these will be from the winners of this contest to create Batman themed gear.

It’s not enough the appease everyone and in reality it shouldn’t because it should never have been released in the condition it was. Hopefully some people will benefit from all this though, as the other Arkham games are just really good… wellthe first two are anyway.

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Written by Sean P

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