The Walking Dead launch trailer

The Walking Dead is an award-winning comic, which was later turned into a pretty darned brilliant TV series. Today, the first instalment of the five-episode videogame from Telltale Games and Skybound Entertainment is released on PSN, PC and Mac (with an iOS version due in the summer, and XBLA “very soon”)… and it looks pretty good.

As you can see in the above launch trailer, it looks like there’s no skimping on horror or gore. Though players follow the brand new character of convicted murderer Lee Everett, it is promised that he will “meet familiar characters and visit locations from the world created by Robert Kirkman”. Most intriguing – and surprising, for a Telltale title – of all, we’re promised that player decisions will have an effect on how the story progresses, allowing “multiple paths through the story”.

The first episode costs $4.99 on PSN, and a season pass for PC/Mac is $24.99 (no UK price available at time of writing). When released, the first episode will be available for 400MP on XBLA. For more information, check the official site; to buy the PC or Mac versions, try Steam or the official Telltale store.

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