Critical Talk Episode 10

Some mistake it for distant thunder; others think it to be drums deep in the mines of Moria; but listeners of Critical Talk know the resonating sound of a podcast on the horizon when they hear it. Episode 10 of Critical Gamer’s state-of-the-art podcast¬†unites the combined power of Stephen, Matt, and Luke to talk about videogames. For great justice.

  • Mentally fall into the sky as Matt explains the ups and downs of Gravity Rush!
  • Beat a cat over the head with your 3DS XL (but don’t really do that)!
  • And for Pete’s sake, help Lara Croft! She can’t survive without you!

If you’ve got ears and a functional mouse finger, click here for Critical Talk Episode 10’s audio player!

Steven G did the music. Stephen K did the hosting. Getting them mixed up could harm their personal senses of self.¬†Also, this podcast was recorded before the Euro 2012 tournament’s England-Italy match, which went into penalties where the inevitable happened. Any offhand comments and/or jovial jests pertaining to the event are subject to the limitations of time and space.

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Written by Stephen K

A lover of video games in general, Stephen will happily play just about any sort of game on just about any sort of system, especially if it's a platformer or an RPG. Except sports games. Sports games are boring.

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