Guild Wars 2 – The Races of Tyria video

When it comes to choosing what race to play in an MMO, it often seems like a difficult question if it is your first approach to the game, as it is a commitment that will affect you for months, possibly years. To make things a bit easier, NCSoft has just released a video for the highly anticipated Guild Wars 2, showing off the five races on offer to help your pre-decision.

There seems to be an interesting mix of races to play, with your fairly standard human flavour leading the charge. On top of this you can choose to be a ferocious feline warrior with the charr, a clever little sprite thing that uses technology called an asura, a shape shifting norn or a sylvari, a mystical plant spirit.

The free to play MMO looks to be shaping up nicely, following the success of the original that was certainly received well. The selection of races look quite diverse, but if it came down to a fight between them all, our money would be on the massive cat people with gun axes.

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Written by Anthony H

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