More Blacklight: Tango Down game information revealed

Following on from our Blacklight: Tango Down interview, Ignition Entertainment has just released some new information on the game’s setting and back story to help us start figuring out what will be going on in the online shooter’s universe.

It is set in the near future and revolves around a military organisation called Blacklight, a group of elite troops hand selected from various special ops units which are trained to deal with ‘fast-moving, ambiguous and unstructured situations’. Basically it sounds like these are the guys that get sent in when something has gone horribly, horrible wrong. Good news, the player goes along as one of them.

The world will be ‘hauntingly familiar’ but also ‘distant enough to be surprising and unsettling’. This has probably been caused by the over development of technology which has transformed the world into a bleak place full of virtual billboards and danger zones.

Just to make it an even more appealing holiday destination, a viral epidemic that turns people into frightening creatures which are ‘aggressive and impervious to pain’ makes it sounds like a fantastic dystopian world that needs saving one bullet at a time.

Ignition is also keen to put across the point that their game is based on science fact rather than science fiction. This means that a lot of the equipment and gear that will be mainstream in the game world currently exists in this day and age, but only in the concept stages.

We’re really keen to see what else comes from this game as its summer release on Xbox Live, PSN and PC slowly creeps closer towards us.

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