Eidos & Deus Ex sites hacked; Anonymous responsible?

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MCV reports that, as detailed over at KrebsOnSecurity, Square Enix have suffered hacks over at the Deus Ex and Eidos websites. On Wednesday evening, both sites displayed a banner reading ‘Owned By Chippy1337’ which also included names and handles of several other hackers (above); shortly after, both sites went down until mid-late Thursday morning.

Anonymous have been accused of the hack, as the handles given are known Anonymous members. In an interesting turning of the tables however, KrebsOnSecurity claim that they managed to get hold of a transcript of the hackers’ online chat. Fuel is added to the long-running fire that Anonymous is fighting itself here – the hackers are not those named in the banner. Part of the hack’s aim, it seems, was to act as a frame-up.

For full details and a full copy of the transcript, head to KrebsOnSecurity. The hackers apparently use the Ids ‘evo’, ‘nigg’, and ‘e’. They claim to have stolen data including details of 80,000 Deus Ex site users, 9.000 Eidos resumes, and – possibly – Deus Ex source code. They plan to publish some or all of this information online.

They originally planned to booby trap the site; evo at one point says (unedited) “there security will be responsible/for like/thousands of fucked up computers/and it would make the news” before being told it wouldn’t work. Later, nigg says “leaking the sql will cause a stir”. It seems fair to say that they’re after publicity.

This further evidence of Anonymous splitting and turning on itself – added to the fact that it’s videogame related sites being attacked – puts the notorious hacker collective in the spotlight for the PSN hack again. What if Anonymous hacked the PlayStation Network and then, when the extent of the laws which had been broken became apparent – to the extent that the FBI became involved – the hackers responsible became scared, and refused to admit to the hack? Or perhaps the files implicating Anonymous left on Sony’s servers were part of a frame-up…

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