New Blacklight: Tango Down faction revealed: The Order

Slowly drip feeding us more information about Ignition Entertainment’s summer bound downloadable online shooter, Blacklight: Tango Down, we have been given a glimpse at another faction to feature in the game, The Order.

They are an elite and secretive military organisation who protect the civilian population of Balik by being the first respondents to areas infected with the disease that is devastating the population. Their goal is to halt the spread of and find an antidote for the virus before it can do too much damage.

Equipment wise their gear is described as ‘hacked top-tier military grade’ which has been modified to suit their tactics. Interestingly, the new information also mentions that parts can be picked from fallen comrades to upgrade and modify their own gear. A bit of background fluff or is it a hint at modular gun game mechanics?

As far as a release date is concerned, we are still only being told ‘summer’ for this Xbox Live, Playstation Network and PC multiplayer focussed shooter.

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Written by Anthony H

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