New Super Mario Galaxy 2 details emerge

With the world’s most famous virtual plumber making another trip through the stars and still not fixing leaky sinks, some new information has been released about Mario’s latest galactic adventure.

To start with, navigation between worlds is getting a lick of innovation, with Mario now having a giant spaceship modelled on himself to pilot around the galaxy, which itself can be explored as it gradually gets populated with new characters and features as you play through the game.

Mario’s repertoire of power ups also gets a bit of a fleshing out with two new additions, Cloud Mario and Rock Mario. Cloud Mario can create up to three cloud platforms that allow him to jump higher or cross larger gaps, where as Rock Mario will see him ‘rocking and rolling into enemies and elements in galaxies to reveal new things’.

You and a mate will also be able to enjoy the game together with co-op mode allowing a second player to accompany Mario as a Luma. As well as being able to hold enemies for Mario to punt, you will also be able to perform a spin attack to immobilise enemies and interact with various entities, whilst at the same time being able to pick up coins and star bits on Mario’s behalf.

Yoshi returns to be straddled and rode around on, now with several new abilities, including a glow in the dark feature that happens when the hungry dinosaur eats a bulb shaped berry, causing him to emit a bright light that illuminates hidden areas.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is aimed for release on the Wii in Europe on June 11 this year, and is promising something for everyone, ‘with levels difficult enough to challenge the most confident of players but also offer areas for casual players to enjoy’.

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Written by Anthony H

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  1. half_empty80 /

    really looking forward to this one

    • Krazyface /

      Me too, I just hope they give us an extra control method as opposed to only jiggiling the Wii-mote around. In all honesty, that’s what kinda put me off Mario Galaxy the first time around.

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