Zombies to gather at Houses of Parliament

This zombie just wants a hug, don't be a lifeist

Taking a good cause to Parliament’s door step is sure to get you noticed, especially if those you represent struggle to form syllables and find it hard to be motivated by anything other than a tasty moving target.

After successfully fielding candidates in four constituencies in the May UK General Election, the Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality (CURE) will be holding a gathering at Old Palace Yard (opposite the Houses of Parliament).

The press release states that ‘This highly-visible, good-natured gathering will be the talk of Westminster as up to 100 zombies campaign for equal rights for the living dead opposite the Houses of Parliament.’

CURE’s manifesto promises to permit the marriage of living and the undead, increase the minimum statutory retirement age to beyond death and to make cemeteries more comfortable for their inhabitants.

All attendees will bag themselves a limited edition t-shirt, but the best dressed zombie will be able to shuffle back to their hole in the ground with a games console slung over their shoulder.

“It’s going to be a great day to be undead,” says Stacey Forsythe, spokesperson, Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality. “Our gathering will be loads of fun, and provide a real talking point in Westminster. We’re hoping that the spectacle will bring smiles to those in the area on Bank Holiday – but also make people think about the undeadly serious issues which face zombies these days.”

If you want to attend the zombie shuffle fest, you must pre-register by emailing votecure@googlemail.com for further information. You can find more information at CURE’s website.

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Written by Anthony H

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