Feel the love with a Valentine’s Day Swarm trailer

Hearing the distinctive ‘thwump’ of Cupid’s arrow hitting flesh is usually a gooey metaphor on this day of remembering how lonely you really are. Well, as a Valentine’s gift to us all, Hothead Games have produced a special trailer for their PSN and XBLA action-platformer Swarm.

The video shows the hazards that can fall upon a Swarmite on this day of affection, which appear to at least double when coupled with a fetish for beeping incendiary devices. The resulting blue mess seems to be in keeping with the rest of the footage we have seen of suicidal rushes through minefields and other areas of potential misfortune.

Swarm puts the player in charge of 50 blue, imp like creatures whose goal it is to collect DNA and escape to safety in an environment riddled with more traps than your average Saw movie.

Expect to see it on PSN and XBLA sometime around Spring.

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Written by Anthony H

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